Stop $1.5 billion to criminal state: CRA must investigate United Israel Appeal of Canada

On May 24, 2023, the international Court of Justice demanded Israel “immediately halt” its onslaught on Rafah and the chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court announced that he’d seek warrants to arrest Israel’s PM and defence minister. Still, all Canadian are subsidizing huge sums in charitable donations to this outlaw genocidal state.

A detailed formal complaint was recently submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency to investigate whether United Israel Appeal of Canada (UIA) has violated the rules for registered charities. Since 1991 UIA has raised over $1.5 billion. The complaint details the organization’s opaque finances and questions whether UIA is violating CRA rules by acting as a conduit to send funds to unidentified entities overseas. The complaint also details UIA funding for groups assisting the Israeli military and illegal settlements, which is contrary to CRA regulations.