CPPIB Invests at least 7 percent of our public pension in Israeli war crimes

CPPIB had $524M (up from $513M in 2021) invested in 11 companies of the 112 companies listed on the UN Database as complicit international law. Investments in WSP, the Canadian headquartered company providing leadership to the Jerusalem Light Rail was $2953M (up from $2583M in 2021, and $1683M in 2020). In addition, the CPPIB is invested in 27 companies, (valued at $7016M) identified by AFSC Investigate as complicit with Israeli human rights and international law violations. CPPIB is also invested in two other companies of concern, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd, $3M, and Wix.com Ltd, $4M. In total, the CPPIB is invested in at least $10500M funds supporting Israeli war crimes.