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GAZA 20/20

The UN has stated that Gaza, Palestine is expected to be unlivable in 2020.  For the nearly 2 million Palestinians in Gaza, Israel’s persecution and collective punishment has already made life there unbearable.

The Gaza 20/20 campaign is internationally focused on bringing consciousness to the grave situation, and leading to action to call on governments to call the Israeli government to accountability.

During the 2019 Federal Election send this message to ALL the Candidates running in your riding.  CLICK HERE. The message has been sent to 6 federal party leaders with NO response.


Write to the Canadian Government

Take action now by Sending a Letter to Prime Minister & Global Affairs Minister Freeland, with copies to to opposition leaders & critics, relevant house and senate chairs, and diplomats.  Takes less than 2 minutes to send a letter.  CLICK HERE

Individuals Sign Petition

Sign individual petition joining in the call to

the Canadian government to respect its own domestic law, the Special Economic Measures Act, and its responsibility under Article 1 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, by implementing a military embargo and economic sanctions on the military state of Israel until the blockade on Gaza is lifted.  


In Canada, Just Peace Advocates partners with Al-Haq to bring this message to our Canadian government, pointing out Canadian Accountability through both international and domestic law.

Domestic Law: Canadian sanctions laws implement United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions regimes under the United Nations Act, as well as Canadian autonomous sanctions regimes under the Special Economic Measures Act. Under the Special Economic Measures Act, sanctions are required when gross and systematic human rights violations have been committed in a foreign state

International Law: Under Article 1 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, all high signatories in which Canada is one, are required to take actions to ensure that violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention do not occur under any circumstance.

Organizations Join the Call

Organizations wish to join the campaign can sign HERE


In Canada that call is for #economicsanctions #militaryembargo until the blockade is lifted.


Click HERE to listen to Rania Muhareb, legal researcher with Al Haq with Roger Waters on impunity for Israeli killing in Gaza, April 2018, Barcelona. “

Check out the grave situation on the ground for the people of Palestine living in Gaza: 

Legal field research by Al Haq is available HERE

Al Haq publications on Gaza re available HERE


Information on the campaign can be printed to share from HERE.