FIFA: Suspend Apartheid Israel

Israel has violated the principles of FIFA in a variety of ways that would normally warrant disciplinary actions and even a suspension of its membership. However, the politics of FIFA have prevented the organization in the past from taking...

Press Release: Trudeau shoots Canadians in the foot to benefit his US masters

In banning Huawei from any further participation in the deployment of Canada’s 5G network, the Trudeau government hurt Canadians and undermined global security. The move is a lose-lose situation for Canadians and for Huawei Canada: ordinary Canadians lost because...

United against repression: Just Peace Advocates condemns Berlin’s ban on Nakba commemorations

Just Peace Advocates has joined with civil society groups in signing a letter by a coalition of progressive Palestinian, internationalist, and leftist groups and collectives in Berlin condemning the Berlin police’s decision to ban all public gatherings on Nakba Day.

End Canadian Support for Israeli military

Express your Rage and Heart Break at the Israeli military killing of Journalist Abu Akled

Nakba 74:Commemorations Across Canada

We commemorate 74 years of the original Nakba and recognize the ongoing colonization of remaining Palestine in similar pattern of Judaization of the West Bank including East Jerusalem and the total siege and destruction of Gaza.

Update: Muhammad El Halabi and “The Six”

Even when we fail to accomplish our ultimate goals (in this case, freedom for Halabi or the reversal of the terrorist designation against The Six) we can at least make a bold statement, expose the façade of lies, and...

Press release: The Killing of Shireen Abu Aqleh Highlights Israel’s Impunity for Crimes and Increased Use of Arbitrary Lethal Force against the Palestinian People

Al-Haq condemns in the strongest possible terms the direct killing of prominent Palestinian female journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh while on an assignment covering Israeli incursions in Jenin refugee camp on Wednesday 11 May 2022, as well as the injury of...

Toronto Star changes inaccurate headline regarding Israeli military killing of Al Jazeera journalist

The Toronto Star responded to our request and changed the headline on killing of Shireen Al Jazeera journalist Abu Aqleh

Arab Canadian Lawyers Association report on Anti-Palestinian Racism Released

Just Peace Advocates congratulates the Canadian Arab Lawyers' Association on its release of :ANTI-PALESTINIAN RACISM: NAMING, FRAMING AND MANIFESTATIONS." This is an important document. We encourage you to download it, and share it with others.

Stop the Smear Campaigns against Palestinian Advocacy–Double Standards, Statements, Actions and Webinar

Today, we are witnessing an intensified campaign by the pro-Israel lobby in Canada to smear Palestinian activists and their supporters. Last week, the National Post (NP) ran an online article about Palestinian-Canadian writer Khaled Barakat and the advocacy organization Samidoun. On...