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Update on the Cable Car Legal Case in East Jerusalem

The Israeli High Court conducted a hearing about the Cable car Annexation project, on June 29, 2020. The families of Silwan await a decision. It is reassuring that on Juy 7, 2020, 57 Canadian members of parliament have said they...


The Unholy Land by Rev. Dr. A.C. Forrest

Attempts were made to silence editor of the United Church of Canada's Observer magazine, Rev. Dr. A.C. Forrest when in 1973 the United Church of Canada signed an agreement with B'nai Brith. This is an agreement that continues to...


The United Church of Canada Taskforce to respond to 2017 call of Palestinian Christians

The United Church of Canada policy on Palstine as of 2019, does not reflect the resolutions passed by grassroots church at General Council meetings over the last 50 years. Nor does it reflect the call from Christians in...


Jonathan Kuttab: The Mechanics of Israel’s Annexation in the West Bank

Jonathan Kuttab looks at what Israel's annexation in the West Bank may include. Few know exactly how the Israeli annexation of certain territories in the occupied West Bank will take place, but it is safe to make some observations based...


Sanctions regardless of Annexation

Just Peace Advocates states emphatically that the Canadian government needs to follow its own domestic law and accountability to international law, and put sanctions on place regardless of annexation threats or the realization of these threats.


Cut the Current to Israel Electric

Israel Electric Corporation is a public company, which produces and supplies electricity to all sectors of the Israeli economy, both within its so-called “1967” borders, by the United Nations, and in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, Gaza...


Actuonix Motion Devices urged to take measures to ensure compliant with international law

Who Profits, an independent research center dedicated to exposing the role of the private sector in the Israeli occupation economy indicates that Actuonix Motion Devices components were used during the Israeli military repression of the March of Return....


Canada’s Security Council Defeat is a Win for Palestine

“The Trudeau government’s anti-Palestinian voting record at the UN undoubtedly contributed to its failure to gain a seat on the Security Council,” said Karen Rodman. “Those who support Palestinian rights should rejoice.”


Canadian bid for UN security seat unnerved by over 1000 individual letters sent to UN ambassadors urging to vote against Canada due to anti-Palestinian record

It seems IK+ letters written to UN ambassadors has caught the attention of the Canadian government, desperate to advance their UN security council seat bid. Just Peace Advocates learned that on June 10, 2020, a letter from Canada’s United...


100+ organizations and dozens of prominent individuals urge countries to vote against Canada’s bid for Security Council seat due to anti-Palestinian positions

An open letter signed by an impressive list of organizations and individuals will be delivered to all UN ambassadors asking them to vote for Ireland and Norway instead of Canada for two seats soon to be available on the...


Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Just Peace Advocates expresses our full solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, including full support for an immediate independent inquest into the alleged murder of Regis Korchinski-Paquet who died when she fell from a high rise while...

Statement to Toronto City Council regarding Toronto Police Services

Just Peace Advocates recognizes the role that military training tactics play in policing and condemn the training of Canadian police in Israel and Canada, and the role that the government and police leadership play in this regard. Read the...

Submission to the Ontario Police Oversight Review, 2016

In December 2016, a submisison was made to the Ontario Police Oversight Review. Those who sent the letter indicated that they strongly recommended that the Oversight Review consider the context of the militarization of police in the province; in...

Calling for Justice for Ejaz Choudry

Just Peace Advocates is horrified by the disturbing display of excess force by the Peel Regional Police that resulted in the murder of Ejaz Choudry on Saturday, June 20, 2020. We call the for action to demilitarize and defund...

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