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Palestine Legal Resources Canada has  developed the following resources for Palestine advocates in the Canada

Resources of Interest

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 During my Christmas in Kashmir, stories of survival, resistance, and pain by Michaela Lavis in Toronto Sunday Star, January 5, 2020

And Now What? A realistic approach to the Israeli-Palestinian impasse  by Jonathan Kuttab in the Middle Eastern Institution, March 2, 2020

Israel’s Arguments for the Legality of Settlements under International Law by Jonathan Kuttab at the Arab Center in Washington D.C., November 21, 2020

How Trump Drove a Coach and Horses Through International Law by Jonathan Kuttab, the Arab News, April 27, 2019

Children’s Rights by Michaela Lavis

Civil Disobedience by Jonathan Kuttab

The Value of Incorporation by Jonathan Kuttab



Picture of Michaela Lavis interviewing people exiled 30+ years ago from Indian Occupied Kashmir, who live in camps in Azad Jammu Kashmir.  December 2020.

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Check out these videos.

A six-part introduction to the history of what is often called the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.  Each under 10 minutes. Less than one hour in total, Jonathan Kuttab  provides an easy to understand, yet comprehensive understanding of the history and current situation for the people of Palestine

Videos from Various Speaking Engagements by Jonathan Kuttab


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