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We join together to call out the Royal Bank of Canada on its ongoing colonialism from Turtle Island to Palestine

Learn how you can join with the movement to call out RBC for its investments in Costal GasLink, Palantir, illegal Israeli settlements.

RBC Prevails in holding unethical investment in Palantir despite stocks plummeting 70%

In 2021, over 10,000 letters were sent to RBC asking for them to break relations with Palantir Technologies Inc (PTI). Since that time, the values of the RBC’s holding of Palantir has plummeted dropping about 70% of its late 2021 value.

Royal Bank of Canada responses on Palantir & Costal GasLink pathetic–unsigned, say nothing, from generic email

RBC sent responses letter to the Palestine Solidarity organizations and to Gidimt’en Checkpoint leadership. In both cases response were sent from a basic company email address and was unsigned by RBC leadership. 

Royal Bank of Canada say NO to Palantir

Palantir provides their Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive system to Israeli security forces, to identify people in occupied Palestine. The Royal Bank of Canada has over 2 M shares valued at over $56 M USD in Palantir holdings. This relationship flies in the...