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#LetKashmirDecide Global Coalition

Just Peace Advocates is pleased to share information about the #LetKashmirDecide Global Coalition launch on Sunday, October 17 from Azad Jammu Kashmir and elsewhere around the world.

The Canadian election and human rights in Kashmir  #VoteKashmir

During #Exln44, several hundred people from across Canada have pledged to be in touch with candidates from all parties in almost one-third of the federal electoral ridings about the grave situation in Kashmir.

Canada-wide call to candidates to speak out about Indian Human Rights Violations in Kashmir

With the federal election less than a week away, people from across Canada have been in touch with candidates from all parties in about 100 ridings across the country about the grave situation in Kashmir.

New Democratic Party candidates support Canada addressing India’s human right violations in Kashmir

Several NDP candidates and one GPC candidate have provided responses that support Canada taking steps to call for end of human rights violations in Kashmir by India.

Bloc Québécois to address India Humans Rights Violations in Kashmir

The BQ revealed in their response that they have written to the High Commissioner of India to express their disapproval of the repeal of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, and that they intend to continue to denounce this...

Open Letter to the States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty on the Need to Impose a Comprehensive Two-Way Arms Embargo on Israel

Just Peace Advocates is pleased to join with a global coalition of leaders –from civil society to academia, art, media, business, politics, indigenous and faith communities, and people of conscience around the world– call upon the States Parties to...

Bloc Québécois indicates support for people of Kashmir/ Le Bloc Québécois indique son soutien au peuple du Cachemire

The Bloc Québécois (BQ) has responded to questions sent to the party and its leader in regard to its stance on Canadian foreign policy as it relates to Kashmir. The BQ is the first political party to respond to...

In this federal election, Vote Kashmir

Join the growing movement of individuals and organizations who have endorsed the Vote Kashmir campaign, which calls for a human rights based approach on Canada’s policies on self-determination for Kashmir. Our grassroots campaign will ensure that political parties and...

This federal Election: Vote Palestine

Today, a partnership of Canadian advocacy groups launched Vote Palestine: a campaign and online resource to put issues of human rights in Palestine-Israel on the agenda for the federal election. Central to the campaign is a joint platform of...


Cancel the procurement process for the estimated $5 B contract for armed surveillance drones; Join over 50 civil society organizations in this call respresenting 70+ organizations.