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#LetKashmirDecide Global Coalition

Just Peace Advocates is pleased to share information about the #LetKashmirDecide Global Coalition launch on Sunday, October 17 from Azad Jammu Kashmir and elsewhere around the world.

Kashmir Martyrs’ Day, 89 years, and we remember July 13, 1931,

Today, July 13 marks Kashmir Martyrs' Day. On this date in 1931, predating the independence of India and Pakistan from British colonial rule by 16 years, 22 Kashmiris were gunned down in cold blood by the Hindu ruler's forces.

Canadian government urged to hold India accountable in regard to grave situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir

On May 18, 2020 the Government of India notified the Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Domicile Certificate (Procedure) Rules. Since Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally disputed territory, this law, which entails forced transfer of populations and settlement is in...