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Immediate release: No Canadian military to Haiti

Yesterday (February 16) Justin Trudeau said Canada would deploy two naval vessels to Haiti. Canada’s Prime Minister made the announcement at a CARICOM summit he attended to press Caribbean nations to deploy forces on a US promoted mission to Haiti.

Media Release: Leader of Haitian terrorist organization is unwelcome in Montreal

Solidarité Québec Haiti and allies point out that the Parti Haitien Tèt Kale (PHTK) of former illegal President Michel Martelly is a terrorist organization of which any current and past leader, minister or accomplice is considered collectively and individually...

Press Release: Trudeau supports illegitimate Haitian leader

“The Core Group of foreign ambassadors has been dictating Haitians affairs for far too long”, noted Mugyenyi. “Friday’s conference is designed to reinforce US and Canadian domination of Haiti.”