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Jonathan Kuttab’s “Beyond the Two-State Solution” available in Arabic & Hebrew

This week the Arabic and Hebrew versions of Jonathan Kuttab’s book, Beyond the Two-State Solution. will be released.

The Two-State Solution is Dead: Now What?

Noura Erakat and Jeffrey Halper will be in dialogue with Jonathan Kuttab to discuss moving beyond the perpetuating of a status quo.

Land Day 2021: on-line conversation with Sabri Jiryis & Jonathan Kuttab

"Land Day 2021 conversation with Sabri Jiryis & Jonathan Kuttab" The Palestinian people’s future within the Ongoing Zionist Settler-colonial and Apartheid Project Moderator: Aseel al Bajeh, LLM, legal researcher & advocacy officer at Al-Haq Sabri Jiryis, lawyer, former director of Palestine Research Center,...

Jonathan Kuttab release of “Beyond the Two State Solution”

Jonathan Kuttab’s decades of legal service and creative activism has led him to write this important bok "Beyond the Two State Solution." Get your copy and engage in this much needed conversation.

Jonathan Kuttab: The Mechanics of Israel’s Annexation in the West Bank

Jonathan Kuttab looks at what Israel's annexation in the West Bank may include. Few know exactly how the Israeli annexation of certain territories in the occupied West Bank will take place, but it is safe to make some observations based on...

Sanctions regardless of Annexation

Just Peace Advocates states emphatically that the Canadian government needs to follow its own domestic law and accountability to international law, and put sanctions on place regardless of annexation threats or the realization of these threats.