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Jonathan Kuttab Releases Memoir

Read Jonathan’s story that begins as a  child growing up in Palestine before the 1967 Naksa. Going to school in the US, Jonathan became a lawyer, where he worked in NYC/Wall Street. Jonathan in the late 1970s, returned to Palestine...

Jonathan Kuttab Report Back from Palestine

As more and more people around the world turn their attention to Palestine and demand accountability for apartheid, we will gather for a report back from two Palestinian experts about their recent experiences on the ground.

What is required of our church to be in solidarity with Palestine? Jonathan Kuttab speaking (Toronto) virtually Jan. 29

Jonathan Kuttab, cofounder and board member of Just Peace Advocates will be preaching on "What is required of our church to be in solidarity with Palestine"" in Toronto (in person and virtual). He will then be leading discussion following service...

Walking into a minefield

I am a Palestinian whose entire existence has been impacted by the world’s reactions to the Holocaust, therefore the issue of the Holocaust and how it is viewed and interpreted is of vital importance to me. Much of the Western...

An Update on Israel’s Terrorist Designation for Palestinian Civil Society Organizations

While the exact contents of Israel’s “secret” files have not been made public, if the past is any guide the files almost certainly provide little to no support for the Israeli government’s claims. European countries were previously pressured to stop funding...

Remembering 1967

June 5, 1967 was the first day of the Six-Day War, when Israel attacked its Arab neighbors, destroyed their airforces and armies, and proceeded to capture the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Gaza, the Golan Heights (from Syria), and the...

Electronic Intifada publishes “Canada’s contradictions on Palestine” by Jonathan Kuttab

On Palestine, this line is often a repetition of empty platitudes about supporting the two-state solution and strengthening civil society, but doing little or nothing to oppose Israeli policies that clearly undermine even their own declared government positions.

Kuttab’s Beyond the Two-State Solution, now available in Arabic & Hebrew

Jonathan Kuttab’s timely and important book now available in arabic and hebrew.

A Reflection on Iqrit & Bir’im

I pledged that we would support them in their struggle, and I invited them to send us materials and specific action items that we could undertake on their behalf.

Jonathan Kuttab on February 15th Israeli High Court hearing of Mohammad Halabi

In the end, the High Court judge stated he would speak to the District Court judge and ask when he expected to give his verdict, before deciding on this extension. Maher Hanna thinks this is a positive development and is...