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Immediate release: Canada is urged to withdraw from the G20 meetings in Indian occupied Kashmir

This follows the members of the Kashmir Scholars Consultative Action Network along with 50+ organizations from around the world, 25+ which have members in Canada, which urged Canada and other G20 members to withdraw from G20 meetings planned for Indian-administered Jammu &...

Just Peace Advocates joins KSCAN & 50+ organizations to call for boycott of the G20 meetings in Kashmir

Organizations urge withdraw from G20 meetings planned for Indian-administered Kashmir (IAK) (including those reportedly being held on May 11 and May 22-24, 2023). We further urge your countries and organizations to immediately comply with your duties under international law and...

Silencing Kashmir—The state of press freedom in the world’s most militarized zone

In Kashmir, press freedom has virtually disappeared. Journalists in Kashmir face threats, arrests, constant surveillance, criminal cases under terror laws, regular harassment by state authorities, and murder. After the world’s longest ever communications blackout following the political changes made to...

73 Years and Waiting: Self determination for Kashmir & broken international promises

On January 5, 1949, the implementation plans for Kashmir’s self determination were put in place by a resolution of the UN Commission for India and Pakistan. The January 5, 1949, direction of the UN Commission for India and Pakistan laid out...

Appel à l’action immédiate: Le Bloc Québécois et la question des violations des droits de la personne au Cachemir

e Bloc Québécois indique son soutien au peuple du Cachemire Rappelez-leur leurs promesses lors des élections d'automne. Appel à l'action maintenant.

Over 13.5 million letters sent in 2021

More than 30 campaigns, resulting in more than 75,000 letters sent to over 13.5 million recipients.

India arrests prominent Kashmir human rights defender under ‘terror’ law

On November 22, 2021, Khurram Parvez, a leading global human rights defender was arrested at his residence in Srinagar in Indian occupied Kashmir. Khurram Parvez and the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) are internationally recognized as model defenders of human...

#LetKashmirDecide Global Coalition

Just Peace Advocates is pleased to share information about the #LetKashmirDecide Global Coalition launch on Sunday, October 17 from Azad Jammu Kashmir and elsewhere around the world.

The Canadian election and human rights in Kashmir  #VoteKashmir

During #Exln44, several hundred people from across Canada have pledged to be in touch with candidates from all parties in almost one-third of the federal electoral ridings about the grave situation in Kashmir.