Preserving the Palestinian Identity of East Jerusalem

The CCPRJ’s mission is to mobilize efforts, capacities and resources of Palestinian civil society in order to protect the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem as enshrined in international human rights and humanitarian law.

Canada vote at the UN since 1947 shows at best conditional support for Palestine

An overall analysis since 1947, has now been completed of Canada's United Nations voting record, by Just Peace Advocates, and it reminds us Canada's support over 73 years for Palestine at the UN has at best been conditional

Canada’s voting at the United Nations 1947 onwards

An overall analysis since 1947, has now been completed of Canada’s United Nations voting record, by Just Peace Advocates, and it is a reminder of the longer picture. A picture that speaks to Canada’s at best conditional support regarding...

The Threat to Al Quds/Jerusalem

Join our webinar on Sundary, December 6 at 13:00 ET for a discussions on threats to Masjid Al-Asqa, demographic changes underway in Al Quds/Jerusalem, house demolitions in East Jerusalem, evictions of Palestinians in Palestine and Israeli settlers in Holy...

Forced Eviction in Occupied East Jerusalem

On Sunday, October 20th, the Israeli Magistrate court issued an eviction order against four families from Sheik Jarrah Jerusalem. Israeli practices in Sheikh Jarrah are part of the Israeli policy of annexation and population transfer in occupied East Jerusalem. These practices...

OMNI Arab interview regarding illegal Israeli military recruiting in Canada

OMNI Arab language interview with Khaled Mouammar regarding illegal Israeli miiltary recruiting in Canada.

Legal & civil society organizations to say no IHRA

Legal and civil society organizations have come together to say Stop Bill 168. Bill 168 is being considered by the Ontario Legislative Standing Commitee on Justice Policy as the final process before it would move to third reading....

Canada’s Silence on India’s Colonization of Kashmir

Over 1,000 joined us on Zoom and FB live for the public forum hosted by twenty-five Canadian civil society organizationson October 22 to consider Canada's policy in regard to Kashmir. View the recording and learn more.

Le Devoir reported on illegal Israeli military recruiting in Canada

October 19, 2020, Marie Vastel reported in Le Devoir on the complaint sent to Justice Minister Lametti in regard to illegal Israei military recruiting in Canada. The following day after asking Minister Lametti about the complaint, Marie Vastel...

Ultra Marathon — support World Vision work in West Bank, Jerusalem & Gaza

@RussellTheRunner in his October 18 marathon has raised over $1300 for the Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem, and now returns "changing it up a bit" to a 100 KM ultramarathon for work of World Vision Canada in...

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