Media Alerts

Media Release: “Stop the War, Stop NATO” rallies planned across Canada during Madrid Summit

) Rallies will be held against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) from June 24 to June 30 across Canada. The “Stop the Weapons, Stop the War, Stop NATO” actions will coincide with the NATO Summit in Madrid, Spain....

Toronto Star changes inaccurate headline regarding Israeli military killing of Al Jazeera journalist

The Toronto Star responded to our request and changed the headline on killing of Shireen Al Jazeera journalist Abu Aqleh

Media Alert: Response by the Toronto Star

The Toronto Star takes no direct accountability for the AP stories it runs.

Media Alert: Two more Toronto Star articles flagged as needing corrections

The Toronto Star has been running what seems like more articles (AP) than usual during Ramadan 2022, but the language is very problematic. We have written about two more.

Press Release: Choosing the F35 means Canada rejecting peacekeeping, instead committing to wage wars of aggression

"With a sticker price of $19 billion and a lifecycle cost of $77 billion, the government will certainly feel pressured to justify its purchase of these exorbitantly priced jets by in turn using them," adds Small. "Just as building pipelines...

Media Alert: Toronto Star March 8, 2022 article, complaint to Bureau of Accuracy re “Israeli troops demolish homes of Palestinian attackers”

Letter in response to Public Editor Bruce Campion-Smith  Bureau of Accuracy/Public Editor The Toronto Star Toronto, Ontario March 9th, 2022 Dear Mr. Campion-Smith The Associated Press article published by the Toronto Star on March 8, 2022, “Israeli troops demolish homes of Palestinian attackers” has some language that...

Media Alert: Toronto Star Feb. 23 article, complaint to Bureau of Accuracy

The Associated Press article published by the Toronto Star on February 23, 2022, “Palestinian boy buried after being killed by Israeli fire” (which was later updated to read “Palestinian boy buried after being killed by Israeli fire in firebombing...

On the Ground in Palestine

Just Peace Advocates is pleased to share this summary prepared for the Mid East Working Group of Bathurst/Bloor/Trinity St. Paul's by Rev. Frances Combs.

More than 50 media releases to 2500 media contacts during 2021

During 2021, working with dozens of organizations across Canada, Just Peace Advocates put out more than one press release each week on topics that do not make the main stream media. Check out the releases we sent.

Two years later, Canada still silent on India’s colonization of Kashmir

Today marks two years since the Kashmiri people lost their autonomous status. On August 5, 2019,  the president of India arbitrarily revoked Article 370 and 35A of the Indian constitution and suspended the Jammu and Kashmir constitution.  The Canadian government and media, as...