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Canadian Heritage Minister receives letters — CBC owes the people of Palestine an apology

Almost 700 people have written Canadian Heritage Minister Guilbeault to say he is accountable for the CBC, and the people of Palestine deserve an apology from our public broadcaster.

Petitions to be presented to parliament in upcoming session

Two petitions to the Government of Canada initiated by Just Peace Advocates and other partners have now closed. These await presentation by their MP sponsors to the Canadian parliament as it resumes post the throne speech.

CBC owes the people of Palestine an apology

Over 2,000 people have written to the CBC to condemn its deletion of the word "Palestine" and its subsequent apology for uttering it. Still, the broadcaster insists the word falls outside its standards. Express your concern about the CBC deletion of...

The CBC continues to insist Palestine is against CBC language standards

The CBC director of Jouralistic Standards has written to the 2K+ people who have written the CBC to express concern about the deletion of the word Palestine, followed by the apology for using the word Palestine. While more thorough than...

NTV and the Telegram commended their coverage of ‘No Annexation Rally’ in St. John’s

40 people wrote letter to NTV and the Telegram to commend them for their reporting on the 'No to Annexation' rally at the Confederation Building on July 4, 2020, and share information about international law.

CBC, the elephant you ignored in the UNSC defeat, the Israel factor

The Trudeau government’s voting record on Palestine at the UN undoubtedly contributed to its failure to gain a seat on the Security Council. However, the CBC hremained largely silent about this.

Illegal act of hate targeting restaurant supporting Palestinians

300 people wrote Canadian media asking them why they had not covered, the vanalization of Foodbenders.