Sanctions regardless of Annexation

Just Peace Advocates states emphatically that the Canadian government needs to follow its own domestic law and accountability to international law, and put sanctions on place regardless of annexation threats or the realization of these threats.

Canada Security Council Defeat: International community rejects anti-Palestinianism

The Trudeau government’s anti-Palestinian voting record at the UN undoubtedly contributed to its failure to gain a seat on the Security Council. Deputy Minister Freeland said Canada would be an "asset" for Israel. Canada should be an "asset"...

Canadian bid for UN security seat unnerved by over 1000 individual letters sent to UN ambassadors urging to vote against Canada due to anti-Palestinian record

It seems IK+ letters written to UN ambassadors has caught the attention of the Canadian government, desperate to advance their UN security council seat bid. Just Peace Advocates learned that on June 10, 2020, a letter from Canada’s United...

#NoUNSC4Canada send letter to UN ambassadors

Take 2 minutes to let all United Nation Ambassadors know you join with civil society from around the world in criticizing Canada's anti-Palestinian record, and urge them to vote no to Canada in the upcoming bid for the 'Western...

Canadian government urged to hold India accountable in regard to grave situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir

On May 18, 2020 the Government of India notified the Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Domicile Certificate (Procedure) Rules. Since Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally disputed territory, this law, which entails forced transfer of populations and settlement is...

100+ organizations and dozens of prominent individuals urge countries to vote against Canada’s bid for Security Council seat due to anti-Palestinian positions

An open letter signed by an impressive list of organizations and individuals will be delivered to all UN ambassadors asking them to vote for Ireland and Norway instead of Canada for two seats soon to be available on the...

Toronto Marathon raised funds to support families facing evictions in East Jerusalem

On Friday, May 22, 2020, a young adult marathoner from Toronto ran a one-person marathon to support the families facing eviction in East Jerusalem. With $700 raised donations continue to be accepted.


Despite its peaceful reputation, Canada is not acting as a benevolent player on the international stage. 100+ artists, academics and activists have said #NoUNSC4Canada. Join the at https://www.foreignpolicy.ca/petition

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