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Release: Protests across Canada mark 8 years of Saudi-led war in Yemen, demand Canada end arms deals with Saudi Arabia 

From March 25-27, the Yemeni community and peace groups are marking 8 years of the brutal Saudi-led intervention in the war in Yemen by holding coordinated actions across Canada. The war in Yemen has killed an estimated 377,000 people to...

 8 Years Too Long – End the War on Yemen!

March 26 2023 marks eight years of the brutal war in Yemen. A war that has killed over a quarter of a million people. A war that Canada has armed by sending over $8 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia since...

Press Release: Protests across Canada condemn “deep hypocrisy” in Canada’s role in war in Yemen versus Ukraine

MEDIA ADVISORYMarch 25 2022Protests across Canada condemn "deep hypocrisy" in Canada's role in war in Yemen versus UkraineWHAT: On the seven-year anniversary of the brutal war in Yemen activists will rally in six cities this weekend to demand #CanadaStopArmingSaudi and denounce Canada's...

Press Release: Canada’s silence on Saudi mass executions deeply troubling

 3,000 letters  have been sent to Prime Minister Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Joly asking them to break the silence about Saudi Arabia’s actions. In addition, more than 20 civil society organizations have signed a statement, asking the Trudeau liberal...

Canada’s silence on Saudi mass executions deeply troubling

Canadian government silence over the execution of 81 men in Saudi Arabia is deeply troubling.

Canadians residents & citizens
Three Parliamentary Petitions
that you may wish to sign

#CanadaStopArming Saudi  Parliamentary Petition E-3775 No War on Yemen Canada Don't BuyFighter JetsParliamentary PetitionE-3821 Parliamentary Petition E-3810Investigate illegal Israeli military recruiting

500 sign within hours, a Goverment Petition Launched: Canada Stop Fueling the War on Yemen

Petition sponsored by NDP Hamilton Center Member of Parliament Matthew Green. Halt arms shipments to Saudi Arabia immediately. 2) Participate in international efforts to bring an immediate end to the deliberate Saudi-led attacks on civilians which constitute war crimes;....