Let Canada know you insist that it upholds its Third Party responsibility in regard to Palestine

Take one-minute and write to Foreign Affairs Minister Joly and ask her if she has responded to the request from Al-Haq that Canada intervene immediately to comply with its legal obligation to address Israel’s settler-colonial and apartheid regime.

Tell Singh not to succumb to anti-Palestinian smears

It's time to fully embrace the views of most NDP party members and do the right thing regarding Palestine. It is time for Jagmeet and the NDP to promote their list of 13 demands on Palestinian rights and simultaneously disassociate...

600+ have spoken, Urgent Action for Mohammed El Halabi, former World Vision director

Over 600 have written to Justice Minister Garneau calling for an urgent action for Mohammed El Halabi, former World Vision director. Mohammed el-Halabi was arrested in June 2016, and now is facing his 155-court appearance on January 31, 2021. In March...

Write to Jagmeet & the NDP team: Reminder of 2018 commitment for Palestinian child detainees

Take a minute. Write a letter to Jagmeet Singh and the New Democratic Party to say we've noticed that Palestine's children are not a priority for you!