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Let Canada know you insist that it upholds its Third Party responsibility in regard to Palestine

Take one-minute and write to Foreign Affairs Minister Joly and ask her if she has responded to the request from Al-Haq that Canada intervene immediately to comply with its legal obligation to address Israel’s settler-colonial and apartheid regime.

Press release: The Killing of Shireen Abu Aqleh Highlights Israel’s Impunity for Crimes and Increased Use of Arbitrary Lethal Force against the Palestinian People

Al-Haq condemns in the strongest possible terms the direct killing of prominent Palestinian female journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh while on an assignment covering Israeli incursions in Jenin refugee camp on Wednesday 11 May 2022, as well as the injury of her...

Challenging Corporate Complicity in the Continued Colonization of Palestine

This webinar will consider direct approaches to challenge corporate complicity in the continued colonization of Palestine. This will include judicial and non-judicial mechanisms in in the Canadian specific as well as broader international context.

Defending Palestinian Human Rights is not “Terrorism”

 Now with ten organizations, the Israeli regime has fully adopted as standard practice and policy the “terrorist” designation of organizations that effectively challenge its control and expose its crimes on the local, regional and international levels.

Action: Canadian Parliamentary Petition highlights the work of Al-Haq & DCIP regarding Palestine’s children

With the recent attack on Al-Haq, DCIP and other organizations, the message of this petition is that we respect and value the decades of human rights and international law experience and expertise of these organizations.

Land Day 2021: on-line conversation with Sabri Jiryis & Jonathan Kuttab

"Land Day 2021 conversation with Sabri Jiryis & Jonathan Kuttab" The Palestinian people’s future within the Ongoing Zionist Settler-colonial and Apartheid Project Moderator: Aseel al Bajeh, LLM, legal researcher & advocacy officer at Al-Haq Sabri Jiryis, lawyer, former director of Palestine Research Center,...

Canadian organizations join to send urgent appeal to UN Special Procedures on the wilful killing of Ahmad Erekat

Nine Canadian organizations join 83 organisations to send urgent appeal to UN Special Procedures on the wilful killing of Ahmad Erekat, Urging International Justice and Accountability for Israel’s Shoot-to-Kill Policy

Gaza2020 Lift the Closure

This June, Palestinians mark 13 years since the start of the Gaza closure. In 2018, Just Peace Advocates with Al-Haq began the Gaza2020 campaign in Canada. In 2019 we made a clear call to the Canadian to place sanctions on Israel...

Canadian civil society urges Canadian government to rethink its stance re the International Criminal Court in regard to Palestine

May 25, 2020 Toronto On April 29, 2020, 42 Canadian civil society organizations were among 183 Palestinian, Regional and International Human Rights Organisations that wrote to the International Criminal Court (ICC) indicating it is “Time to Investigate Crimes in Palestine, Time for...