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Challenging Corporate Complicity in the Continued Colonization of Palestine

This webinar will consider direct approaches to challenge corporate complicity in the continued colonization of Palestine. This will include judicial and non-judicial mechanisms in in the Canadian specific as well as broader international context.

Palestine Solidarity and the Boycott Movement: An Inter-Generational Dialogue

A moderated, dynamic and inter-generational discussion of the history, current challenges and prospects for the Palestine solidarity movement in Canada. August 3 Webinar. Be sure to register.

Declaration by ReImagine Co in London, Ontario to be apartheid-free

Just Peace Advocates welcomes the news that Reimagine Co. in London Ontario has announced it is  apartheid free. The Coalition applauds Reimagine Co on being a space of proactive solidarity with the Palestinian people and committing not to sell products...

Take Action: Schulich’s link to the horror of Israel’s colonial violence

The Schulich School of Business conducts a “Doing Business in Israel” seminar, which entails sending Schulich students to study in Israel for a 10-day, 36-contact hour seminar. Take 1 minute to write to the Dean of Schulich School of Business, Detlev...

Canadian BDS Coalition: 5 Years and Counting

Canadian BDS Coalition was founded 5 years ago and has highlighted many BDS campaigns over that time....#BoycottTEVA #BoycottPuma #AirCanadaComplicity #RaptorsDontGo #BoycottHP Just Peace Advocates is one of about 25 groups across Canada that are part of the Canadian BDS Coalition.

Political Advocacy and National Liberation are not “Terrorism”

Just Peace Advocates was one of an initial 25 groups that joined Canada Palestine Association to endorse a call to reject moves by the Israeli government and its lobby in Canada to criminalize Palestinian advocacy. Among these groups included...