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Apartheid & war crimes are neither yummy or stylish!

Retailers and food companies complicit with apartheid and/or war crimes are just in bad taste.

Puma Toronto Women’s Run Series: Apartheid is not stylish.

There is absolutely nothing fun, inclusive nor supportive about apartheid, nor international law and human rights violations. If you are truly dedicated to offering “a racing season that motivates and inspires women to come set the pace” you need to...

The international community says: URUGUAY, NO VAYAS! 

25+ organizations from around the world--US, Canada, Europe, UK, Africa, Palestine and elsewhere say "Uruguay Don't Go"

Déclaration internationale : Israël hors du Tour de France !

Just Peace Advocates is pleased to support this call. As Israel continues its policy of colonialism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing, we call for the intensification of the boycott of Israel as an anti-colonialist and anti-racist tool in solidarity with the Palestinian...

Webinar & Info: What is the CPPIB really up to? O que o CPPIB realmente está fazendo?

The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) manages a large and rapidly growing fund. The CPPIB however is accountable first and foremost to the federal and provincial governments, not the contributors and beneficiaries. Over the years, the CPPIB has moved...

Press Release: Celebrities oppose McGill’s anti-Palestinian and antidemocratic threats

Celebrities oppose McGill’s anti-Palestinian and antidemocratic threats Today a public letter signed by Rock legend Roger Waters, author Yann Martel, former MP Libby Davies, author Chris Hedges and 200 academics, artists and authors as well as 40 organizations was sent to...

Don’t let McGill Silence Palestine Solidarity, Join 200 academics and 40 organizations

Roger Waters, Richard Falk, John Dugard, Libby Davies, Yann Martel, Chris Hedges, as well as several hundred other academics, artists, lawyers and activists, and many civil society organizations have signed a letter already. Join with them in sending your letter...

Dozens of fellow artists & civil society organizations ask Justin Bieber to say NO to Apartheid

Dozens of artists and organizations from around the world say #BiebsStay4Justice

25+ Student Led BDS Victories BDS on Canadian University Campuses

Over the last 15 years, there have been at least 25 BDS victories on Canadian University Campuses. In 2022, there have been 5. Congratulations to all involved in this strong statement of solidarity for Palestine.

2022 Ramadan: Boycott Israeli dates. Break fast with Palestinian Medjoul

Learn more about what to consider when purchasing Medjoul Dates in Canada to ensure they are not from Israeli companies, and to ensure you are purchasing Palestinian product. Steps you can take, and tools to assist you in letting retailers know that you...