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Just Peace Advocates leadership on Parliamentary Petitions in 2022

Just Peace Advocates led the drafting and obtaining of sponsors for three parliamentary petitions during 2022, as well as helped with several others. Resulted in more than 20K engagement.

Canada needs to hold Israel accountable for its mistreatment of children in Palestine and for silencing those organizations that advocate on their behalf.

Take one minute to write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly. Demand that they pressure Israel to immediately rescind its designation of seven Palestinian human rights organizations as unlawful. Urge the Prime Minister and the Minister...

An Update on Israel’s Terrorist Designation for Palestinian Civil Society Organizations

While the exact contents of Israel’s “secret” files have not been made public, if the past is any guide the files almost certainly provide little to no support for the Israeli government’s claims. European countries were previously pressured to stop funding...

Update: Muhammad El Halabi and “The Six”

Even when we fail to accomplish our ultimate goals (in this case, freedom for Halabi or the reversal of the terrorist designation against The Six) we can at least make a bold statement, expose the façade of lies, and force...

Two Parliamentary Petitions presented on Palestine by Liberal MPs, #StandWithTheSix # and No Way To Treat a Child

Two Parliamentary Petitions have been presented in the last week. The Canadian government has 45 days to respond.

#StandWithThe 6: Parliamentary Petition to the Government of Canada

Almost 1K Canadian have signed parliamentary petition calling on Canada to reverse the designation of human right defenders. #StandWithThe6

Defending Palestinian Human Rights is not “Terrorism”

This criminalization of Palestinian advocacy is unacceptable and unfounded; Palestinian-Canadians and their supporters have no intention of allowing biased officials to suppress their democratic rights and their voices. We will continue to work for justice and equality for Palestinians, be...

Just Peace Advocates supports the Statement of the International Community Must Support and Protect Palestinian Civil Society

Just Peace Advocates joins with 230+ other groups to, express our full solidarity with Palestinian civil society and human rights defenders as Israel continues to escalate its attacks to shut down critical human rights work and silence opposition to its...